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ACCORHOTELS Take off 2016


2016 TOPIC: Imagine how accorhotels restaurants could become the place to meet

For the first round, think about your dream F&B concept and represent your idea with a photo collage and a short description. Before starting, we invite you to have a look at the student guidebook, providing all the information needed!

For the second round; a new assignment will be communicated to the 15 selected teams and will give you the chance to go deeper in your research! As for the Finale, the jury will challenge you the D-day so the subject is kept secret!


ROUND 1: from March 23rd to April 28th

This first round will give you the opportunity to compete with worldwide students and to create the buzz around your project: get likes from your friends and be the 50 first teams to be pre-selected. Our jury will then select the 15 best projects

Please note: Play fair! Cheating will be sanctioned by an exclusion from the challenge!

DELIVERABLES: Post a photo-collage, with short explicative text in English to best represent your ideas. Your photo collage can be posted on jpeg or png format, must not exceed 7 Mo and must be in landscape orientation. Your descriptive text must not exceed 500 characters.


Aesthetic and readable photo collage is the key

No minimum and maximum of pictures are fixed

Some captions can be inserted but keep in mind that this is a photo-collage not a text-collage

WHAT ARE THE KEYS TO SUCCESS? Innovation – Feasibility – Strategy consistency - Aesthetic

SELECTIONS: Be fast and smart! The number of teams is limited to 300 (3 students per team) and you only have from March 23rd to April 13th to post your project

From April 14th to April 28th, get as many votes as you can

In total, 50 teams will be pre-selected by online votes on

15 teams will be selected by our jury – Results: May 4th


AccorHotels experts specialized in Food & Beverage and Guest Experience

Hotels’ General Managers

AccorHotels Talent & Culture Executive


ROUND 2: from May 4th to May 20th

If you are amongst the 15 worldwide selected teams, you will have until May 19th to submit your project on

SUBJECT PRECISION: It will be communicated to the 15 selected teams on May 4th and will give you the chance to go deeper in your research!

DELIVERABLES: Post a video (in English) on which will show you on the situation linked to the subject. Your submitted video must not exceed 1 minute and 30 sec and 50 Mo. Format should be flv, mp4, wmv or mpeg. Your descriptive text must not exceed 500 characters.

SELECTIONS: Each team will need to attend the jury on May 19th for a 10 minutes video conference. The attending hours will be communicated to you one week in advance.

For information purposes only: the jury will be located in Paris and will examine your project from 8 to 1 pm (GMT+1).

The examination will be divided into two parts:

The jury will first watch your video and will then ask you 3 questions (2 mins / question) to challenge your project.

Among the 15 competing teams, 5 will be chosen by our jury of AccorHotels professionals and will be invited to the Finale in Paris.

The holidays of your dreams are getting closer and closer!

ROUND 3: finale in Paris from June 21st to June 23rd

MAIN INFORMATION: If you are among the 5 selected teams for the Finale, AccorHotels will invite you to Paris mid-June.

This final round will be really exciting for you. Indeed, our jury wants to discover the best talents among you so the subject will be kept secret till the D Day!

You don't need any preparation. Relax, do your best and be full of ideas! Remember that if you have been selected it means that we see you as great talents.

PLANNING: Your trip in Paris will be not only an amazing opportunity to discover our corporate office and Paris; but also to meet the Top Management of Accorhotels. Here is the planning:

Day 1 : Arrival in Paris

Day 2 : Presentation of the 5 projects, Jury Deliberation and Ceremony

Day 3 : Brunch and Tour in Paris, and then time to fly back to your respective countries

The application guide can be found here

ISME’s support is available to IBD student groups who wish to participate in the contest. Coaching session(s) are expected to be organized around April 7th (1 week before the deadline). Student groups should contact Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam at requesting for support

Students can learn more about the program by going through the Competition Page and 2012 competition

Students are also encouraged to study Frequently asked Questions

Further information and support can be reached at

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